• Identify your personal conflict triggers, reactions, and defensive behaviors that no longer serve or satisfy.
  • Navigate challenging character styles and behaviors with the science of Interpersonal Neurobiology.
  • Shift into an embodied discernment, communication, and action, leveraging your power of Brain Plasticity.
  • Make skillful choices handling stress, frustration, anger, and fear.
  • Enhance your standing and success with colleagues, clients, and customers.
  • Acquire indispensable skills for relationship, team-building, and leadership.
  • Revitalize your private, professional, and community life.
  • Renew your spirit, and enjoy greater ease, grace, pleasure, and purpose.
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Radio interview with John Shordike
discussing the practice and power of Conscious Conflict.

The Essential Skill Set for Relationship, Workplace & Community:

Conflict is Inevitable.

Skillful Engagement is Liberating.

Conflict is intrinsic to our human experience.
skills are not.

Resistance is Futile.

John R. Shordike, J.D.

Since 1986 John has represented diverse businesses and organizations in their negotiation, mediation, and litigation of disputes. A veteran observer and student of interpersonal and group dynamics, John has served as an officer, director, or counselor to a number of enterprises. Also a long-time teacher and facilitator of conflict transformation and psychodynamic work, he has lectured, consulted, and trained facilitators and group leaders internationally.
Chiyomi Yoshida, M.A.

For over 40 years as an educator and facilitator, Chiyomi has been has been helping others find their voice and communicate their ideas and longings. She uses her training in family and group dynamics, interpersonal communication, and imaginal work to assist individuals and groups on their journeys through frustration and disappointment to self-realization. With a keen and compassionate eye for relational and developmental obstacles and opportunities, Chiyomi focuses on uncovering the gold hidden in the shadow of conflict.

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Our Mission:

Conscious Conflict® empowers individuals, organizations, and communities to skillfully discern, engage,
and profit from the creative opportunities inherent in their relational striving, stress, and strife.

Our Passion:

Conscious Conflict® delivers key concepts, tools, and practices distilled from the fields of neuroscience, mind/body psychology, group dynamics, and conflict transformation. Our programs and services offer an integrated and experiential process of embodied and mindful attention, intention, and action for personal, interpersonal, and organizational renewal.

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Acquire the map, compass, coordinates, and survival kit
to fruitfully navigate the
Conflict Ecosystem
at home, in the workplace, and within your community.

You’re kidding, I hate conflict! Why focus on it?

Why Conscious Conflict?

What's different about this work?

Who does this work, and why would I?

How will Conscious Conflict help me?

Can Conscious Conflict help at work?

But I already pray, meditate, and do Yoga . . .

I'm busy -- How long does this take?

Conflict is intrinsic to Humankind, and inevitable in our personal, professional, and civic lives. Our unresolved conflicts -- whether large or small, public or private, glaring or subconscious -- block the full expression of our vitality, creativity, pleasure, and purpose. Our struggles can be draining, threatening, daunting, and confounding.

Yet when we try to deny, avoid, submit, placate, control, fix, or conquer our conflicts, we tend to sap our vitality, lose connection, and diminish ourselves. What to do? If we repress, wish away, or try to control conflict, it only festers and then leaks out or explodes at inconvenient moments. If we reactively, impulsively, or habitually act out our conflicts, we quickly compound our struggles. Either way we perpetuate disharmony, lose energy, and remain isolated and unfulfilled in key parts of our lives.

To meet conflict consciously is a consummate act of creativity, through which we shift ourselves, those around us, and ultimately the conflict itself.
Many of us never learned growing up or in school how to fruitfully navigate and thrive in the Conflict Ecosystem. We instead developed various defensive coping strategies and dodges, most of which probably no longer serve us well.

Through Conscious Conflict we become aware of how our conflicts unfold, express, and recycle in our lives. From this awareness comes understanding, the ability to safely and creatively explore our experience, and the means to make new choices and connections that transform and enliven our reality.

Rather than coaching you to "rise above", "get over", "affirm", "manage", "negotiate" or "resolve" your way out of your conflicts, we provide the tools and practices to get to the root and heart of your stress and strife when they inevitably happen.

Instead of focusing on making peace with others, we learn to use our conflicts with others to begin making a deeper peace with ourself. We transform our struggles from the inside out.

By gently and compassionately going into and through the underlying dynamics of our conflicts, we liberate, refocus, and enjoy the creative life energy that has been tied up, held down, and scattered. Conflict becomes a mirror and doorway to a more embodied and vital life -- an opportunity to become the change we desire.

Our clients come from every walk of life and diverse organizations and cultures. No matter one's education, training, vocation, or status in society, we all have conflicts -- and very often recycle them. Our relationships, work, and community life can become constrained and diminished.

Eventually, we may want to learn to walk a different path. Conscious Conflict shows you the way, providing the practical tools and skills you need to take advantage of conflict as a mirror and portal to a more embodied, engaged, and vital life, and to a more productive and vibrant enterprise.
With some basic tools, training, guidance, and practice, our conflicts become the doorway to a profound transformational process. You can read a sampling of client experiences throughout this website.

Our students and clients report a variety of benefits, most commonly enhanced self-acceptance, compassion, safety, and relaxed vitality. A new well-being invigorates personal relationships, clarifies and deepens a sense of connection, meaning and purpose, and brings more pleasure to day-to-day family, work, civic and spiritual life.

The work is contagious, rippling outward to aid loved ones, friends, colleagues, and community.
Whereas unaddressed conflict often saps employee engagement, Conscious Conflict enlivens your team members. It provides the material and momentum to take your group to a new level of cooperation, creativity, productivity, and performance. All levels of any organization can benefit from the practice of Conscious Conflict.

For the Enterprise, Conscious Conflict will complement and effectuate organizational development and conflict management plans. It provides a mindful, embodied, and relational experience, and invaluable tools, skills, and practices for any individual, group, or organization seeking deeper and more enduring outcomes.
Spiritual, contemplative, and other body-mind practices provide immeasurable benefits. Yet when we come back down from the mountaintop, conflict still exists in the world and in our lives. Adding the tools of Conscious Conflict to our daily practice enhances and deepens our well-being and transformational process.

Conscious Conflict is not affiliated with any particular religion, creed, or spiritual belief system. The work does speak to a deep and rich part of ourselves beyond intellect and ego. Many of our clients and students -- regardless of their faith or lack of faith -- experience profound meaning, purpose, embodiment, and connectedness in life as they explore the roots of their conflicts and the associated feelings and longings.
Conscious Conflict takes just this moment -- and a lifetime.

Upon learning some basic tools, skills, and attitudes, most of our students and clients report quick changes in their perceptions and behaviors. They are able to make new choices moment-by-moment that improve the dynamics of challenging situations and relationships.

The more we walk the path of Conscious Conflict, the more natural, effortless, and rewarding it becomes. By looking within for the creative spark of each conflict, we continually hone our skills and integrate as "second nature" the framework for a life-long practice of making peace with our inner and outer worlds.

In a changing world . . .
Learn to use the creative opportunity of conflict
to become the change you desire.